Purification plant piping

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Purification plant piping Water treatment plant sand filters

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Pressure Tanks

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Metalcontenitori srl designs and builds pressure tanks for over 15 years, it has been making them in carbon steel and stainless steel, all the realizations are in accordance with the most; current regulations European and international, the tanks can be certified in compliance to directive 97/23 / EC PED.

Purification plant piping

Purification plant piping

Metal Storage tank for oil gas API650 for chemical plant,Pressure Vessels for water treatment plant oil gas plant, Cationic and Anionic column, Sand Gravity Gac Carbon filters,Filters Water treatment plant sand filters Purification plant piping, Steel Silos Production

European and international regulations

The production of pressure tanks & egrave; made for different categories of users :

  • Oil & amp; Gas
  • Power
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemist
  • Water purification

To find out more about the full range of buildable tanks, contact us using the contact details in the contact section.


Nitrogen tank

Sand filter

Pressure tank for chemicals

Nitrogen tank

Nuclear tank

Purifier in bed

Condensate separator

Pressure tank

Air tank

Tank for stainless steel aqueducts

Oil and gas tank

Purifier in bed

  • Steel pressure vessels

  • Purification plant piping Pressure Vessels for water treatment plant oil gas plant, Sand Gravity Gac Carbon filters, Steel Silos Production,Filters Water treatment plant sand filters Purification plant piping, Cationic and Anionic column,Metal Storage tank for oil gas API650 for chemical plant

    Gravity filter,Sand filters,Storage tank chemical,Silos production,Filters for water purification plants,Water treatment plant sand filters,Metal Storage Tank,Storage tank for oil gas,Gac filters,Cationic column,Steel silos,Anionic column,Carbon filters for purification plants,Vessels for water treatment plant,Steel pressure vessels,Pressure vessels,Purification plant piping,Vessels for oil gas plant,Storage tank for chemical plant,Storage tank API650